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Thunder Demolition Inc

Founded in 1994 as South Dade Contractors by Ronny Herrera, we have grown with South Florida’s burgeoning Real Estate industry.  While helping to preserve and safeguard our historically significant elements, we made way for new and modern expansion.

Primarily serving Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, but also completing many projects in Monroe and the Palm Beaches, our fleet of vehicles and crew remained vigilant, capable, and efficient.  Safety-conscious as always, we overcame every obstacle, met our client’s financial needs, accommodated our customers, and continued to fuel our development.

Proudly, in 2005 we gave ourselves the new name of Thunder Demolition, Inc. while maintaining the same commitment and attention to detail.  Our priorities have not changed, and neither will our drive to give back to the South Florida community as our success continues. 

Owners, Principals & Senior Executives

Ronny Herrera

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Jonathan Mendez

Project Manager
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Joshua Galante

BID - Cordinator
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We Provide the Best Service in the Industry

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